Assetto Corsa as a potential rally simulator?
This holiday I purchased Assetto Corsa and downloaded some rally mods.

Testing the Ford Fiesta RS WRC built by Rally Legends in combination with the incredibly beautiful Aspertsham tarmac track built by Thomas Laechele showed me what is possible in Assetto Corsa. And this gave me a good reason for further research.

I’m not sure about gravel and loose surfaces but I think Assetto Corsa is quite suitable for tarmac rallies.

I tried the gravel version of the Ford Fiesta WRC gravel specs on special stage Kanniranni and it felt good but not the excellent feeling like RBR gives me. In most situations it was impossible to throttle steer through the turns. Besides that, I suffered from motion sickness probably because of the bumpy road.

Below a gravel video:

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