Rally special stage Gestel 1.0 is a scratch build classic format track for the rallysimulator Richard Burns Rally. It consists of 100% tarmac.

Length of the track: 7193m.
Location track: Fictional, Netherlands.
Releasedate: 5 june 2016.

Users of Czech Tournament Plugin.

If you use this executable, the track will be installed in track slot 132 and can be driven through the Czech plugin in shakedown mode and, if available, in online tournaments.

Download link: RBR_Gestel10.exe
File size: 131MB

Manual installation, Plugin Builders.

All necessary files are included in the zip file listed below.
You’ll have to copy the files manually to the appropriate directories. The Tracks.ini and TrackSettings.ini files contain the required text for the corresponding files. It is important to use the text in the TrackSettings.ini file to get the right weather and shade settings!

Download link:
File size: 135MB

If you want to give feedback, send me a message.

And if you’d like to support future development and if you can afford it, please make a donation. You can do so simply by clicking the button below and donating whatever you like. 


Gestel 1.0 YouTube videos

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